About Us

Mainstream Industries Pty Ltd is proudly a locally owned and family operated business.

Mainstream Industries Pty Ltd was established in 1993; a family owned and operated business specialising in Industrial Cleaning Services with major focus on the Mining industry. Since its inception Mainstream Industries Pty Ltd has progressed from a small supplier of Industrial Cleaning Services, predominantly High Pressure Water blasting, to becoming a major contractor and supplier providing a wide range of services to all major mining companies in the Hunter Valley and beyond.

Our customers include Glencore, AGL Macquarie, Peabody Energy, Fourmile, Yan Coal + a whole range of civil companies.

Mainstream Industries Pty Ltd specialise in Mobile High Pressure Water Blasting, steam cleaning & Industrial vacuum loading, utilising our "self-contained" mobile units - we are able to deliver our range of services on site as our units can carry what they need to get your job done.

We are also able to provide the following Industrial & Mining Services -Hydro-Jetting, Drain Cleaning, Industrial Vacuum Loading & Manual Cleaning, Hydro-Digging & Non-Destructive Service Location (NULCA Member), CCTV drain and pipe inspection and potholing services. Cleaning of Draglines, Shovels, Drills, Excavators, Loaders, Trucks and all mobile equipment, Fuel Farms and Tanks.

We do it all – safely, efficiently and cost effectively, with our team of professional fully trained employees and a large fleet of modern plant and equipment, we help keep your machinery moving.

Give our experienced team a call today and they will tailor a service to your own requirements with obligation free quotes.


Mainstream Industries Pty Ltd’s strict adherence to our Quality Assurance Policy affords our clients peace of mind and job satisfaction that far exceeds our competitors and as a result our business demand has grown quickly over the past twelve months which is a direct reflection of our expertise in all aspects of industrial cleaning services.

Commitment & Safety

“Working safely is a condition of employment at Mainstream Industries Pty Ltd”

Safety is a not only a commitment at Mainstream it is a culture. All personnel are expected to perform their assigned tasks safely with a high degree of alertness to the hazards of the workplace. Every employee is expected to undertake risk assessments as a standard work practice and to participate in the elimination and control of these hazards and to encourage the safe behaviour in others. Safety will not be compromised.

“Mainstream Industries Pty Ltd are Committed to Training”

Mainstreams commitment to training is paramount to our ongoing success and continued growth. If we are unable to source a suitable course or RTO for required training we will develop our own. An example of this is our training for High Pressure Water operations, there are no available accredited training courses available so we have developed our own.

No one will be permitted to perform a task without undertaking the relevant training and assessment, Mainstream Industries Pty Ltd continually monitors and assesses each employee through the use of employee Performance Reports, Safety Observations & Interactions and site audits.

“Mainstream Industries Pty Ltd are Committed to Quality”

All tasks carried out by Mainstream Industries Pty Ltd are monitored and recorded for Quality Assurance purposes, we strive to exceed each client’s expectations on every task undertaken. Quality is driven by the Management Team through setting measurable targets which ensures the continuation of Quality is in our primary focus at all times.

“Mainstream Industries Pty Ltd are Committed to Improvement and Development”

We understand that business success is created through the continual improvement of operational systems in which tasks are undertaken. At Mainstream we are continually working with our clients to improve our systems and service and develop ways to reduce bottle necks in the process.


Mainstream Industries Pty Ltd is the industry leader in the Hunter Valley for Industrial Cleaning Services. This has been achieved through our focus and determination on continually improving our work practices which ensures we are constantly raising the benchmark to set ourselves apart and beyond our competitors.

  • Satellite Tracking in all vehicles
  • 4wd Vehicles – For required purposes
  • Specific Company Livery / Signage: Hi-Visibility
  • Trades Qualified Personnel: Mechanics, Fitters
  • Wheel nut indicators fitted to vehicles
  • In-house training developed where required (where an appropriate RTO cannot be sourced)
  • Designated Site Supervisors for each site
  • Roaming Field Co-Ordinator for liaising with site Management
  • Regular Noise Monitoring: of Plant & equipment + site / workplace
  • Safety Observations & Interactions performed daily
  • Regular Fitness for Work Auditing including Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Employee Performance Reporting: documented daily for measuring Quality Assurance
  • Currently undergoing systems review for Quality Management Certification
  • Upgrading of machinery and equipment to ensure the latest technology is used.

Pollution Incident Management Plan

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan - V7

PIRMP - Waste transporter

Mainstream Industries-waste-transporter-PIRMP V2 (003)


3 - Environmental Policy - V9

16 - Quality Policy- V11

11 - Work Health & Safety Policy V9



In June 2018 we took delivery of the latest Vacuum Combination Truck on the market.  The 8×4 Cap Recy 3200 CL

Main Applications: Water Recycling 1” Drain Cleaning – 6” Hydro Excavation – Large diameter Relining Pipe / Culvert Cleaning

  • 5 stage recycling system producing the cleanest water in the market. 100% recycling use for 24/7 operation.
  • 6” Vacuum pump 4,636 m3/hr. Max. vacuum 90% (27” Hg) with overhead boom
  • 1” Water jetting pump 346 l/min @ 205 bar (2,973psi) 240m x 1” sewer hose (Optional 471l/min up to 900l/min)
  • Combined vacuum hose-reel (20m) and jetting hose on boom with 270 degree rotation all from remote control
  • Hydro Excavation pump for clean water, standard Class ‘A’ 17l/min @ 280 bar (4,060psi) with 80m of HP hose and S/S handgun or optional Class ‘B’ pumps available
  • Total tanks size 13,700L Stainless steel, debris tank 8,000L & independent side water tanks 5,700L
  • Sound Levels below 85 dB(A) at 1 metre at rear of unit (general working RPM at 1,000RPM)
  • Full function remote control



In March 2015 we took delivery of the latest Vacuum truck on the market. The SV3750JB BH Industrial Combo Series II includes a high performance 6” vacuuming system combined with high pressure non-destructive digging and drain cleaning systems. All functions can be used simultaneously, or individually as required. The unit is intended primarily for cleaning storm water, sewer and drainage lines, catch basins and manholes. Other uses for the machine include; hydro-excavation, high pressure water blasting and for the cleaning of grit chambers, digesters, sludge beds, lift stations and much more.


In June 2012 we took delivery of the most advanced technology from Italy of a 6" 11 cubic metre Industrial Vacuum Truck. The vacuum unit is completely stainless steel, with hydraulic functions, remote control and pendant operation. This unit is placed on the latest model of Scania trucks.

   Cappellotto 6" Industrial Vacuum Unit

In February 2011 we took delivery of a new state of the art Spoutvac 3750JBBH 6" Industrial Combination Vacuum/Hydro-Jet unit. This unit can vacuum both wet and material as well as perform drain & pipeline jetting with its 262lt/min @ 2200psi high pressure unit. It also has the ability to perform as a Hydro-Digger with specialised nozzles for non-destructive location of services & cables. Complete unit constructed in stainless steel on a Mercedes Actros Euro 8x4 Twin Steer Cab Chassis.

Spoutvac SV3750JBBH 6" Industrial Combination Vacuum/Hydro-Jet Unit

Spout Vac 4” Vac Truck

High Pressure Unit Truck

High Pressure Unit Trucks and Field Service Units

High Pressure Units on site